The Complete Process

Full Planning

From start to finish, a full planning service will allow us to elaborate and follow your process from scratch. Maybe you have something already in mind, maybe you don’t know where to start.

Together, we will develop the complete project, maximizing every resource and finding the best solutions in synchrony with your expectations.

From vendors to venues, we will guide and select with you the best options. Finally, we will act as your coordinators and logistic staff, supervising it and making sure everything goes as planned so you can enjoy!

Half Way

Partial Planning

This service is ideal for processes where you have already coordinated and maybe negotiated some aspects of your wedding, but you feel everything is still loose and lacking organization.

We will review your case to determine how far you are and then structure things to our standards, so we can continue in an orderly fashion until your wedding day. Just as in our full planing service, we will coordinate the logistics of your event as well as its schedule.

Almost There

Final Coordination

In a final coordination we join forces two weeks before your big day. During this time, we make sure vendors, venue and every detail in between is set and ready.

Assistance confirmation, final rehearsals and incidentals. We manage them for you. During your wedding, we become your logistics team and lead the way. You just have to relax!

Out of Town Romance

Wedding Destination

If you have ever dreamed on living your fairy tale in an exotic destination such as Cartagena, Colombia or maybe Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, we are the team for you!

Enjoy our wedding planning services on this beautiful locations and live your tale knowing we will make sure everything is perfect.